27 November 2015
What's available

Last updated 8 May 2012 (the database automatically updates any new material every Friday evening).

We are now pleased to announce that there have been a number of updates to the contents, and the following catalogue information is available from the contributing archives. In total, we have catalogues from seven archives spread across four European countries, amounting to 35,378 catalogue entries, and over 350 collections:

England, London                            
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales: 1107 catalogue entries
Society of Jesus, British Province: 293 catalogue entries
Westminster Diocesan Archives: 9156 catalogue entries

Italy, Rome                       
Pontifical Scots College: 112 catalogue entries

Scotland, Edinburgh                      
Scottish Catholic Archives: 19341 catalogue entries
Please note that catalogue entries relating to the Scottish Catholic Archives, and its Historic Collection, are in the process of being updated.

Spain, Salamanca                           
Royal Scots College: 421 catalogue entries

Spain, Valladolid                                             
Royal English College: 4948 catalogue entries

Total: 35378 catalogue entries

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