24 April 2017
About the network


Project Background

Led by the Archivists of the Scottish Catholic Archives and the Royal English College, Valladolid, this project is driven by strong partnerships between diocesan archives, Bishops’ Conferenceses, seminaries, and religious orders. These partnerships bring together unique collections, professional knowledge and vast experience and expertise in the fields of both cataloguing and Catholic history.

The outcome is a single access point to an online collection of archives databases of value to students and researchers across the world. While the obvious benefit will be to the area of Catholic History and the religious climate, other academic areas including social history, economic history and cultural studies will also be able to make considerable use of these databases. 

The project will help to preserve unique collections and make them accessible to an academic audience. The collections involved are catalogued using a comprehensive system that supports international archival cataloguing standards. While focusing at first on a small number of organisations, an important future role of the project team will be to encourage the participation of other Catholic organisations.The NALCC project will provide a unique focused resource which enables a researched historical narrative about the national and international importance of the Catholic Church. The unique and historic nature of the databases, combined with a user-friendly access point, sympathetic to users needs, will provide extensive value to both the academic community and the private researcher.

This project could not have got started without the generous and valued support of the Rectors of the Royal English and Royal Scots Colleges in Valladolid and Salamanca.


Project Aims and Objectives

The project will harness the collections of several Catholic organizations. Providing access to a range of material from Cardinals’ correspondence, to early mission papers, through to architectural and preservation plans.


-       To create access to up to 250,000 catalogue entries from the collections held by the  participating organisations

-       To provide appropriate cataloguing software

-       To develop an appropriate structure and web interface to make the collections accessible

-       To build and maintain successful partnerships

-       To seek appropriate funding to ensure the continued sustainability of the access point


Project contact details

Scottish Catholic Archives
Columba House
16 Drummond Place
Edinburgh EH3 6PL

+44 (0) 131 556 3661



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