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The following institutions and collections are participating in making their archive and manuscript holdings available to this project. Further details will be found by clicking on the links below.

Catholic Bishops' Conference, England and Wales
Pre-1984 archive material consists of papers of meetings of the Hierarchy of England and Wales and official Act.  The archive is closed to the Public.
Diocese of Westminster Archives (Archives of the Archbishop of Westminster)
Westminster Diocesan Archives holds the official records of the Diocese of Westminster, the papers of the Archbishops of Westminster and records relating to the Catholic Church in England and Wales before 1850.
Jesuits in Britain Archives

The Jesuits in Britain Archives are the principle place of deposit for the records of the British Province of the Society of Jesus, which incorporates England, Wales and Scotland and the Guyana Region.

Scottish Catholic Archives

The Scottish Catholic Archives is responsible for the official records of the Catholic Church in Scotland and those institutions operated in Spain and Italy.

Scottish Catholic Archives, Historical Archives

The Historical Archives of the Scottish Catholic Archives predominantly relate to the Catholic Church prior to the restoration of the Scottish Catholic Hierarchy in 1878.  The collection is located at The University of Aberdeen.

Ushaw College Archive

The purpose of the Ushaw College Archive is to collect, preserve and make available archives relating to the history of Ushaw College seminary, the wider post-Reformation Catholic world, the English College in Lisbon, and “at risk” Catholic institutions.

Society of the Sacred Heart England and Wales Provincial Archives

Records relating to the England and Wales Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart, and to the Society worldwide. The Society of the Sacred Heart is an international order of women in the Catholic Church, founded in 1800 by a French woman, Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Archdiocese of Glasgow

The Archdiocese of Glasgow Archive is the repository for the Archbishop’s Office, and for the central administration, departments, and parishes, etc., of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Glasgow.  

Society of the Sacred Heart Provincial Archives Office, Ireland and Scotland

Records relating to the Irish and Scottish Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart, and to the Society worldwide. Most of the material dates from the 19th – 21st centuries.

Royal Scots College, Salamanca, Spain

The Scots College in Spain was set up to ensure a supply of priests for the Scottish Mission. Seminaries were founded at Tournay (later moved to Douay), Rome, Paris and Madrid

Venerable English College Rome

Given its many centuries of tradition, the College has an extensive archive of historical material. 

The College is carrying out a three-year project to organise the College archives and to facilitate the production of an electronic catalogue of the collections. 
The Pontifical Scots College, Rome
The Pontifical Scots college in Rome was founded on the 5th December 1600 by Pope Clement VIII.  It provided an education for young Scottish catholic Men in Scotland.

Access to Each Repository

The archives, printed books and manuscripts detailed in the online databases are held in many different locations throughout Europe, each with different Access Policies.

Some institutions are dedicated archives or libraries with full time professional staff and facilities; others function primarily as education or administrative institutions, which do not have staff or resources to deal with unstructured enquiries or unannounced visitors. 

Please contact each institution or visit their website for full details on facilities and access conditions.

If you wish to consult any item or request copies, this must be made in writing to the institution, which holds the material (the Catholic Heritage Project does not hold copies of any material).

If planning a research trip, you should make a request by email or in writing, with advance notice, to the institution with full details of intended research, and an estimation of when you might be able to visit.